Invited Talks

Assoc. Prof. Koen Smit

HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Netherlands

Koen Smit is an associate professor at the HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, in the Netherlands. He obtained his PhD in Computer Science in 2018 at the Open Universiteit. He is responsible for the bachelor software development and supervises a research group focused on Digital Innovations for Public Organizations, part of the Digital Ethics research chair. His research primarily focuses on the combination of Business Process Management, Business Rules Management, Decision Management, Process Mining, Decision Mining, Digital Twin technology, and Social Robotics. His interest also leans towards how said technological innovations can be designed and implemented in such a way that human and public values are explicitly and adequately considered. He regularly reviews and/or publishes and presents his research contributions at conferences and journals (e.g., HICSS, ICIS, PACIS, AMCIS, PJAIS, JITTA, and BPM).