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2018 2nd International Conference on Software and e-Business

To be held in Zhuhai, China/December 18-20, 2018

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December 18-20, 2018

We are pleased to announce that 2018 2nd International Conference on Software and e-Business (ICSEB 2018) will be held in Zhuhai, China during December 18-20, 2018. The event falls within the scope of the continuation of initiatives carried out by the IEDRC, its support for research and its efforts to facilitate networking opportunities among history and culture researchers.


Software engineering professionalism initiatives resulted in the certification and licensing of software engineers in a number of countries worldwide. We are seeing increased attention to software engineering specialty areas, and many software engineering degree programs have tracks to support these specialties. On the industry side we are seeing an upheaval in software engineering as we know it. Innovations such as Cloud Computing, autonomous vehicles, drones, bioengineering, and other initiatives have made for a rapidly changing landscape. Topics such as software assurance, safety, and reliability have become increasingly important knowledge areas. We are in a global economy with a software supply chain that can extend across many countries and regions. Each one has their own regulations and laws about safety, security, and privacy. Practicing software engineers change jobs frequently, so the value of in-house training is not as clear as it once was. In 2017 we want to focus on the changes that are taking place in the field, our response to it, and our vision of how we can move forward to meet the ever-increasing demand for qualified software engineers.


ICSEB 2018 aims to provide a high level international forum to bring together industry professionals, academics, and individuals from institutions, industrials and government agencies to exchange information, share achievements, and discus the advancement in the fields of software and e-Business, etc.

电子商务是近年来非常热门的话题, 快速增长的电子商务交易额显示电子商务正在成为企业竞争新的战场。如今,电子商务的涵盖十分广泛的商业行为,从电子银行到信息化的物流管理。电子商务的增长促进了支持系统的发展和进步, 包括后台支持系统、应用系统和中间件,例如宽带和光纤网络、供应链管理模块、原料规划模块、客户关系管理模块、存货控制模块和会计核算/企业财务模块。



Publication for ICSEB 2018

The accepted papers by ICSEB 2018 will be published by international conference proceedings, which will be indexed by EI Compendex and Scopus.

Published in Conference Proceedings

Some accepted papers will be published in international conference proceedings, which will be indexed by EI Compendex and Scopus.

Published in International Journal

Some accepted papers will be recommended to be published in internation journal JSW (Journal of Software; ISSN 1796-217X)./Read More/

Important Dates/重要日期 Join in Conference Committee!
Submission Deadline:  August 20, 2018

Welcome senior scholars and researchers to join in ICSEB conference committee to help review papers submitted to ICSEB. Applicants should send your CV to 欢迎相关领域的学者,研究人员加入ICSEB组委会,参与文章审核工作。如有兴趣,请发简历到

投稿截止日期: 2018年8月20日
Notification Deadline: September 10, 2018
Registration Deadline: September 30, 2018

News Update/新闻动态态


Welcome Prof. Lili Yang, Loughborough University, UK to be the Keynote Speaker of ICSEB 2018. (Click)


Welcome Assoc. Prof. Simon James Fong from Unviersisty of Macau to be the conference chair of ICSEB 2018. (Click)


ICSEB 2018 will be held in Zhuhai, China during December 18-20, 2018. Welcome to submit articles to the conference.

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