Plenary Speaker


Assoc. Prof. Koen Smit, HU University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands

Koen Smit is an associate professor and focuses on the implementation of innovative technology at the research chair Digital Ethics, HU University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht, the Netherlands. He holds a Ph.D. in Business Rules Management. Furthermore, he holds an MSc. in Business Informatics from Utrecht University. Most of his research centers around Business Rules Management, Decision Management, Decision Support Systems and Blockchain, in which he also publishes, and reviews related work for several conferences and journals (e.g., HICCS, ICIS, ECIS, AMCIS, PACIS, JITTA and ELMA). Since 2014, he works closely with several Dutch governmental institutions, conducting research on the efficiency and effectiveness of BRM implementations. Koen also works with students, researchers, and practice to advance the body of knowledge as well as solutions regarding blockchain-technology as research head of the HU University of Applied Sciences Blockchain lab.